The VAT return (or turnover tax return) is one of the two tax returns that self-employed workers and freelancers in the Netherlands have to deal with. You will receive an additional assessment for turnover tax (in Dutch naheffingsaanslag) if you do not submit a VAT return. We will tell you more about the consequences of not filing a VAT return. 

Did you forget about the VAT return?

You submit the VAT return the month after each quarter. Especially as a starting entrepreneur, you might forget this once. The Dutch tax authorities will send you an additional assessment for turnover tax and a default penalty. So make sure you submit (and pay) the VAT return on time to avoid the hassle. We are happy to help you with the VAT return!

additional assessment for turnover tax

Additional assessment for turnover tax €5000

The Dutch tax authorities estimate a high VAT amount on the additional assessment for turnover tax, often €5000. You will probably be shocked by this amount; that is also the purpose of the tax authorities. This way, you will not forget to file your VAT return next time. Be aware: you do not have to pay the whole amount if you still submit the VAT return.

Default penalty turnover tax

An additional assessment for turnover tax is always accompanied by a fine. The default penalty is €68. In addition, you could receive a payment default penalty of 3% of the VAT amount. Are you a little late for the first time? Fortunately, the tax authorities have a leniency period of 7 days: you will not receive a fine, but you will receive a notification of absence. Just make sure you’re on time next time!

Avoid an additional assessment for turnover tax

You can avoid an additional assessment for turnover tax simply by filing a VAT return on time. Also for the quarters in which you have no turnover or have not charged any VAT. Are you filing the VAT return with us? Every quarter, we remind you that it is time for the turnover tax return.

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