Almost all tax returns processed on time!

The Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) succeeded to process almost all tax returns on income tax 2019 on time, namely 97%. The biggest part of this (88%) received a final assessment.

In the period from the 1st of March to the 1st of July, the tax authorities received 10.4 million tax returns, which is about the same as last year. On the 1st of March, at one past twelve, the first tax return was already received.

“We want to thank everyone who filed their tax return”, said Lise Vlaskamp (General Director of Private Individuals of the Belastingdienst). On the last day of the deadline, there were 347,000 more tax returns filed, which is a record. 

Female tax advisor about financial situation

But be aware:

Some tax returns need more time. These people need to have more patience. But they are expected to be notified before the 1st of March 2021. People who can expect this are, for example, people who became a pensioner in 2019 or qualifying non-resident taxpayers.

Increase of final assessments

Last year, the tax authorities sent a final assessment in 76% of the cases. This year, it was the case for 88% of the filed tax returns. This represents an increase of 12%! There are approximately 900.000 more final assessments processed this year. 

The reason is the decrease in outstanding tax assessments. First, all the tax returns of the years before 2019 needs to be final, before the tax return of 2019 can be imposed.

Requested for an extension?

Due to the corona crisis, the tax authorities ran a campaign with an emphasis on requesting for an extension. But despite the corona crisis, the number of applications for this has remained roughly the same as last year. But more people got this extension: nearly 3 million people. Did you get it? Then you have until the 1st of September to file your tax return.

Need help?

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