Asset exception in case of subsequent payment child budget

Do you currently receive the child budget which you should have received back in 2013-2017? Maybe your capital is growing quickly due to these payments. You would think: how nice! However, many allowances have a maximal capital requirement. When you own too much capital, you are no longer entitled to certain allowances.

Tax changes 2020

This can not be the case. The Belastingdienst is trying to correct their error, so this can not lead to the fact that you are no longer entitled to certain allowances. That’s why the asset exception came into life.

Are you no longer qualified for certain allowances due to the subsequent payment of the child budget which increases your capital above the maximum? Then you can ask the Belastingdienst to exclude these subsequent payments when they look at your capital when they want to determine whether you are entitled to a certain allowance or not.

When you receive the subsequent payment in 2020, you can request this for your allowances of 2021.

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