Box 3: No capital gains tax before 2025

Earlier, we wrote an article about the restoration of rights, bridging legislation, and future plans for box 3 taxation in the Netherlands. The Dutch government plans to levy tax on capital gains from 2025. However, a technical briefing from the Ministry of Finance already shows that they probably won’t make the deadline. This would mean that there is no capital gains tax before 2025. 

Delay in new Box 3 system

So, the government wants to introduce the new Box 3 system in 2025, but this already threatens to be unsuccessful. The reason for the delay is that the Dutch tax authorities are busy with the Box 3 compensation following the Christmas judgment of the Supreme Court. If you objected to the Box 3 tax in time, you are entitled to compensation based on the flat-rate savings option.

Criticism on captial gains tax

Additionally, the renewed Box 3 taxation based on capital gains has been criticized in the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer). Not everyone is convinced that this is the best option. This new capital gains system includes all capital growth, including the increase in the value of real estate, shares, or other paper profits.

Capital gains taxation Netherlands 2025

One member of parliament (Folkert Idsinga of VVD) is afraid that people do not have sufficient liquid assets to pay tax on paper profits. He believes that alternatives should also be looked at. But probably, there won’t be a change of course. The reason is that there are more disadvantages to taxation of actual asset profits than capital growth.

Updated planning Box 3

State Secretary van Rij has noted in a letter to parliament that it is not yet clear whether the new box 3 system based on capital gains can be realized in 2025. On Budget Day 2022 (Prinsjesdag), there should be more clarity about the new planning. At the beginning of 2023, there will be a decision on whether the capital gains tax is feasible by 2025.

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