Tax on NFTs in the Netherlands

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are often seen as digital art, which is exempt from tax in the Netherlands. If this is the case for NFTs, has yet to be decided. Read more about its taxation here.

ground lease in Amsterdam

Is ground lease (erfpacht) tax deductible

The yearly amount of ground lease (erfpacht) is tax deductible. If you decide to buy off the ground lease, only the interest on the loan you take out is deductible.

working from home

Tax changes of 2022

Read the most important tax changes of 2022 here. Think of changing tax rates, decrease of the self-employed deduction, study costs no longer deductible, etc.

Discontinuation profit: ending your business

When your company is worth more than its book value (e.g., through goodwill or reserves), you have to deal with discontinuation profit and pay income tax on this.

Help with migration to or out of the Netherlands

During your emigration out of or immigration to the Netherlands, a lot needs to be arranged. Think of determining your tax liability, income tax return & allowances. Read everything here.

End-of-year tax tips 2021

End-of-year tax tips of 2021

Now that 2022 is in sight, it’s time for the end-of-year tax tips of 2021. In this list of fiscal tips, we help you save on both box 1 and box 3 tax. Read more in this article!

Starting your business in the Netherlands

Starting your business in the Netherlands? Make sure to meet the conditions to stay here, choose the right legal form, and register with the KVK. We made a checklist to help you!

study costs deductible

Study costs no longer deductible in 2022

From 2022, study costs will no longer be deductible. The alternative is the STEP budget of a maximum of € 1,000 a year used for schooling. In this article, you can read more about the new regulation.

Sole proprietorship or limited company (bv)

Choosing a legal form: one of the first decisions you have to make. Are you going for a sole proprietorship or a BV? Find out in this article which legal form suits your company best.

Tax on crypto earnings in the Netherlands

A question that is asked a lot: do you have to pay tax on the profit of your crypto? You have to declare the value of your crypto in box 3 (savings & investments). Read more about it in this blog.