Tax Tips for Freelancers

Navigating taxes can be daunting for freelancers, especially starters. Take control of your returns, bookkeeping, and retirement savings. Simplified with our tips and tricks!

hour criterion self employed

Dutch hours criterion for self-employed in 2022

In this series, we give you a number of fiscal end-of-year tips. This blog is about the hours criterion for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

tax on royalties

Dutch tax on royalties

Royalties are payments you receive because somebody is using your work. You pay income tax and VAT on this. Read more about Dutch tax on royalties.

additional assessment for turnover tax

Additional assessment for turnover tax in the Netherlands

Forgot the VAT return? You will receive an additional assessment for turnover tax on which the tax authorities estimate a high VAT amount.

Avoid false self-employment (zzp)

The Dutch government wants a stricter approach against false self-employment. There must be clearer rules about whether you are seen as an employee or a self-employed professional (zzp).

Fiscal Retirement Reserve in the Netherlands

The fiscal old-age reserve (FOR) is a scheme for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands to save for later (max. 9.44% per year). Please note: there are plans to abolish the FOR in 2023.

File your Dutch VAT return for the 1st quarter 2022

Time to file your VAT return for the 1st quarter of 2022. In this tax return, you state all the VAT you received and paid (input tax). In this article, we’ll tell you more about the VAT return.

How to optimally invest in your Dutch business?

Are you going to invest in your Dutch business? Plan this well to get the most of the tax benefits for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. We are happy to help!

Self-employed deduction in the Netherlands

The reduction of the self-employed deduction affects the tax benefit for self-employed people (zzp’ers) in the Netherlands. Do you want help with the Dutch income tax as an entrepreneur? We are happy to help!

Union scheme: VAT rules for e-commerce

Do you, as entrepreneur in the Netherlands, deliver products in other EU countries via your webshop? You can pay the foreign VAT in the Netherlands via the Union scheme (One Stop Shop, OSS).