Starting your business in the Netherlands

Starting your business in the Netherlands? Make sure to meet the conditions to stay here, choose the right legal form, and register with the KVK. We made a checklist to help you!

Sole proprietorship or limited company (bv)

Choosing a legal form: one of the first decisions you have to make. Are you going for a sole proprietorship or a BV? Find out in this article which legal form suits your company best.

How to correct your VAT return?

Did you make a mistake in your VAT return? You have to correct this. It can be done in two ways: in the next return or via an additional return. Read more about correcting the VAT return here.

Time to file your VAT return!

Are you an entrepreneur for VAT purposes? In October, it is time again to file and pay the VAT return for quarter 3. Make sure to pay this before the 31st of October to prevent a fine.


Self-employed (zzp) vs. employed

Are you doubting to quit your job and start as a freelancer? View the pros and cons here. We help both individuals and self-employed people, feel free to contact us!

small business scheme

The Small Business Scheme explained

The small business scheme (in Dutch: KOR) is an exemption from VAT, where you can qualify for if your turnover does not exceed € 20,000. Check whether the KOR is beneficial in your situation.