The tax season is coming!

Tax returns can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. From March 1, you can file a tax return and see whether you may receive a refund or have to pay extra. We are therefore happy to help you on your way with some useful tips.

tax filing extension

Save on taxes? Utilize your Pension Gap (in Dutch: jaarruimte)!

Everybody is constantly on the lookout for ways to save on taxes, but have you ever considered making an extra contribution to your pension? If this falls within your pension gap, you can deduct this contribution from your income tax return.

Make use of the “jubelton” this year!

In this series, we give you a number of fiscal end-of-year tips. This blog is about the end of the jubelton and how you can still use it.

Annual income tax return

Box 3 restoration of rights and bridging legislation

Box 3 is going to change. The restoration of rights and the temporary design of box 3 will be initiated based on the fixed savings variant.

transfer tax

The tax season is coming!