What will change in the box 3 taxation?

Taxation in box 3: a hot topic nowadays. The intention is to make taxation in box 3 fairer for savers. The reason is that saving does not yield anything for the last years, which means that the fixed return in box 3 is a lot higher than the actual return you receive on your savings. But what exactly will change in box 3 taxation? In this article, we will go into that in more detail.

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Changes for 2022 cancelled.

Firstly, the changes that were announced during Budget Day 2019 have been canceled. You can read more about this in this article.

A logical thing to think now is that the next step would be to tax the actual return. Yet, in reality, this turns out to be a lot more difficult.

But what will change then?

The taxation in box 3 will be adjusted from 2021 to reduce the tax burden for small savers and -investors. This change is mainly intended to ease the pressure on small savers: a solution has been sought for years.

What exactly does the change entail?

  • Increase of amount tax exemption

    The exemption will increase from € 30,646 to € 50,000 per person. However, this will not apply to the allowances and personal contribution under the Long-Term Care Act.

  • Increase rate

    The fixed return will no longer be taxed at 30% but at 31%. The purpose of this is to partially offset the lower income as a result of the tax-free allowance.

  • Change in brackets and fixed return

    Taxation in box 3 is divided into three brackets. These will also change in 2021: if you have a high captital, it is more likely to fall under a higher bracket. The brackets are divided into a ‘capital mix’. This means that they assume that:

    • Bracket 1 consists of 67% savings and 33% investments;
    • Bracket 2 consists of 21% savings and 79% investments;
    • Bracket 3 consists of 100% investments.

    The fixed return on savings will reduce from 0.07% to 0.03%. The fixed return on investments will increase from 5.28% to 5.69%.

In short:

So now, something will actually change in box 3 taxation. But what will this mean for you? If you have less than € 220,000 in assets, you have to pay less tax in 2021 than you do now. This is double the amount for tax partners. Therefore, the result is clear: lowering the pressure for ‘small’ savers.

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