From the 1st of March, 2023, you can file the income tax return 2022 in the Netherlands. For most people, the due date is May 1st, 2023. Sometimes, filing your income tax return is a bit complex. For example, in years of migration, when you bought a house or if you are self-employed. Therefore, in the somewhat more complex years, it may be wise to engage a tax advisor, while in other years, you can do it yourself.

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When to file the income tax return 2022?

You are obliged to file the income tax return 2022 if you receive an invitation from the Dutch tax authorities to do so. Even if you did not receive such a blue envelope, and you know that you have something to declare, you must file the income tax return 2022. Think about a foreign bank account, cryptocurrency, other income or matters that are not known by the Dutch tax authorities. Ultimately, you are responsible for the tax return yourself.

Tips income tax return 2022

Have you not received a tax return letter and do you have nothing to declare? Then we still recommend checking this. In some cases, you can save some money. To prepare the income tax return as well as possible, it is wise to check several things carefully. This way, you won’t pay too much, but also not too little tax. This prevents you from getting hassle with the tax authorities afterwards.

Did you move to the Netherlands? Get your tax refund!

If you moved to the Netherlands in 2022, you have to file a special migration tax return, called the M-form. If you work in paid employment, a common outcome of this M-form is a tax refund. The reason is that you did not live in the Netherlands for the full year, but your employer withheld tax as if you did.

Check the pre-filled information

Unless you file the M-form, the Dutch tax authorities already fill in a lot of information for you, but these are not always correct. Are you renting out part of your home? This means that part of the mortgage interest is not tax-deductible anymore; you have to adjust this manually. In addition, the Dutch tax authorities do not pre-fill freelance income, so you must submit this yourself. Not sure how to specify this? Feel free to contact us.

Check which deductible costs you made in 2022

Deductible expenses are also not included in the pre-filled information from the Dutch tax authorities. Therefore, carefully check which costs you incurred in 2022 that are deductible from your income. Think of healthcare costs, donations to a charity or annuity payments.

Tax partner in 2022? Go for the optimal allocation

Did you get married in 2022, or have you bought a home together? Congratulations! From now on, you are a tax partner. When filing your tax return, you can choose to be seen as a tax partner throughout the full year. The big advantage of a joint tax return is that you can optimally distribute deductions and assets; this can provide you with a tax advantage.

Tax return after buying a house in the Netherlands

Did you buy a home in 2022? Then you have probably incurred costs such as a mortgage advisor, mortgage interest, notary costs, etc. Many of these costs can be deducted from your taxable income. Do you want to be sure that you are making optimal use of the tax benefit? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!

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