Extended your tax return deadline? File your taxes now!

From 1 March until 1 May, it is time to file your income tax return. Due to a malfunction on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities, you had one more week (until 8 May) to submit your tax return this year. Still, some people extended their tax return deadline.

If you asked for an extension of the tax return deadline, you need to file your tax return before the 1st of September!

Is the amount of the assessment too large to pay in one go? Then, you can ask for an extension of your tax return deadline. When assessing this request for postponement, the Dutch Tax Authorities will look at:

  • the date of the request;
  • your financial situation;
  • the reliability that you will pay later.

Extended your tax return deadline?

We are happy to help. Leave your details in our online contact form or call us at +31 (0)20 – 2170120 and we will get in touch to see if we can help you with filing the tax return.

Now, you should file your tax return before September 1! Therefore, make sure to file your tax return now. Are you entitled to allowances but did not receive them? Think of healthcare allowance, rent allowance, and the child budget. You should request this before 1 September.

Do you need a little bit of extra time for some reason? As a tax advisor, we can still extend the deadline until May 1, 2022. Please, contact us!

Do not file your tax return blindly. The Dutch Tax Authorities do not have all the information about you. Take a good look at the deductible items, for example. Do you have a tax partner? Go for the optimal allocation. Has your income fluctuated a lot? Go for an averaging request!

We are happy to help!

In some years, it is wise to hand over your tax return to a tax advisor. For example, in years when you buy or sell a house or when your mortgage changed. In addition, many experience the tax return as a dull, time-consuming task. Would you like help to file your income tax return? We would be happy to take a look with you. Please, feel free to contact us using the information below!

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