Are you a flex worker and facing income loss due to corona?

The corona-crisis has a major impact on society. This also applies to the loss of income for flex workers. So, are you a flex worker and are you suffering from an income loss due to the corona-crisis? Then read on, because The TaxSavers will discuss the temporary arrangement (TOFA) the Dutch government developed.

As mentioned above, the Dutch government developed a temporary arrangement (TOFA) to compensate the income loss that the flex workers are facing due to corona. Thanks to this arrangement, the flex workers receive an amount of 550 euros per month. This arrangement compensates the income loss in March, April and May 2020. But there are a number of conditions that should be fulfilled whether you qualify for the arrangement. These will be discussed below.

The conditions

For this arrangement a number of conditions should be fulfilled. The TaxSavers has listed these for you:

  1. You are suffering from an income loss due to the corona-crisis.
  2. The unemployment benefit or the social welfare benefit does not apply for you.
  3. You are a flexible worker (e.g. side job, on-call resident, temporary worker).
  4. The minimum age is 18 years, but you did not reach the AOW pension age yet.
  5. In February, your income was at least 400 euros.
  6. Your income has been less than 550 euros in April, and your income has been 50% lower in April than it was in February.

You can apply for the arrangement via the UWV. They are hoping to open the application desks the 22th of June.

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