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VAT return tips and tricks for Q4 2024

The VAT return for the fourth quarter must be submitted again. It is the last declaration of 2023, marking the closure of the VAT year. Since this is the final declaration of the year, it follows a slightly different process than the previous three filings. We provide some tips to ensure that you can complete the VAT return without any worries!

Foreign client

How to deal with VAT for a foreign client?

When working with a foreign client the VAT rules could be completely different than you are used to. Each country has different VAT rates. In the Netherlands, VAT works differently when you work with foreign clients as well.

VAT return second quarter 2023

VAT Return: 2nd Quarter 2023 – Essential Considerations for Smooth Filing

Are you required to file VAT returns on a quarterly basis? Time is running out to submit your VAT return for the second quarter of 2023.

File your Dutch VAT return for the 1st quarter 2022

Time to file your VAT return for the 1st quarter of 2022. In this tax return, you state all the VAT you received and paid (input tax). In this article, we’ll tell you more about the VAT return.

Union scheme: VAT rules for e-commerce

Do you, as entrepreneur in the Netherlands, deliver products in other EU countries via your webshop? You can pay the foreign VAT in the Netherlands via the Union scheme (One Stop Shop, OSS).

solar panels

How to reclaim VAT on solar panels

Did you purchase solar panels as an individual? Good news: you can reclaim the VAT you paid on this! You have to file a VAT return for this. Here, you can read how it works.

Time to file your last VAT return of 2021!

January is VAT month again. In your last VAT return of 2021 (quarter 4), you have to make VAT corrections if you also use business expenses for private purposes.