June 8th, 2023 – 7pm

Tax & Housing Event and Drinks

This will be a networking event focused on providing valuable information about taxes, housing, and mortgages in the Netherlands, followed by a networking session where attendees can ask questions and connect with other internationals.

Tax & Housing event @ Amstelveen – June 8th, 7 PM

Are you an international in the Netherlands looking to navigate the world of taxes, housing, and mortgages in the Netherlands? Look no further! Join us for an informative and engaging evening where we delve into the Dutch tax system, explore the nuances of the Dutch housing market, and unravel the mysteries of mortgages. Whether you’re a newcomer or have been living in the Netherlands for some time, this event is designed to equip you for future decisions in the Netherlands.


6:30 PM – Walk-in

7:00 PM – Presentation on tax and housing

7:45 PM – Q&A and Networking drinks

8:30 PM – Estimated end time

Save your spot!Taxes, mortgages and housing explained

Save your spot!
Taxes, mortgages and housing explained

Join our live event on:

June 8th @ 7pm CET - Tax & Housing event

Amsterdamseweg 71, 1182 GP Amstelveen (Google Maps)

Gain insights on taxes, housing, and mortgages in the Netherlands. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with other internationals and ask your questions to several real estate agents, mortgage advisors, and tax advisors who are available on the spot.

Meet other internationals
in the Netherlands


Enter the housing market

Dutch taxes explained
and organized

Emigrating to the Netherlands, buying or selling a house or changing your mortgage: these are all examples of ‘tax moments’ that have major consequences for your tax return in the Netherlands. The TaxSavers can help you and involve you in the process, so you can do it yourself in the less complex tax years.

Together with a broker, you will look for that one house that meets all your requirements and wishes. During these visits, they will give you sound advice on all aspects of the home, so that you can make an informed decision.
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