Tax and Housing event
Tax and Housing event

September 7th, 2023 – 7pm

Webinar: How to prepare a bid on a house

This webinar will be focused on how to prepare a bid on a house. Our advisors talk you through the process. Afterwards you can start your search for a house and be confident in making a serious bid that shines brightly in the eyes of sellers

Webinar: How to prepare a bid on a house – September 7th, 7 PM

Are you feeling the excitement of finding your perfect home but feeling unsure about the bidding process? We’ve got you covered!

Unlock the secrets of effective house bidding and join our upcoming webinar! Maximize your chances with our bid preparation expertise. Our tailored approach sharpens your offer, positioning you for success in the competitive real estate market.

Presentation by expert mortgage advisor Paul Overeem.

One bid at a time! See you at the webinar!


7:00 PM – Welcome

7:10 PM – Presentation: How to prepare a bid on a house

7:45 PM – Q&A

8:00 PM – Estimated end time


This webinar will be hosted online via Teams.

Save your spot!Taxes, mortgages and housing explained

Save your spot!
Taxes, mortgages and housing explained

Join our online event on:

September 7th @ 7pm CET - Webinar: How to prepare a bid on a house

Gain insights on taxes, housing, and mortgages in the Netherlands. Dont miss out on the opportunity to network with other internationals and ask your questions to several real estate agents, mortgage advisors, and tax advisors who are available on the spot.

Meet other internationals
in the Netherlands


Enter the housing market

Dutch taxes explained
and organized

Emigrating to the Netherlands, buying or selling a house or changing your mortgage: these are all examples of ‘tax moments’ that have major consequences for your tax return in the Netherlands. The TaxSavers can help you and involve you in the process, so you can do it yourself in the less complex tax years.

Together with a broker, you will look for that one house that meets all your requirements and wishes. During these visits, they will give you sound advice on all aspects of the home, so that you can make an informed decision.
A team of experienced brokers who work on a no cure, no pay basis.

A&H Finance is specialized in helping expats who want to buy a house in the Netherlands. We guide you through the entire mortgage process.
Our aim is that you buy a house which you may enjoy for many years, with a mortgage that fits your personal situation.

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