Tax plans of Budget Day 2021

Today – the third Tuesday of September – is Budget Day 2021 (Prinsjesdag). On this day, our king delivered the Speech from the Throne and opened the parliamentary year. After the speech, the Minister of Finance gave the House of Representatives an overview of the cost of the plans announced in the Speech from the Throne.

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Speaking of these plans, in this article, we will list the most important tax plans for 2022.

Change in additional credit regulation

From 1 January 2022, the homeownership regulation will be adjusted. This change applies to partners who buy a house together, and one partner already had his own home before. Or when you buy a house together, but your partner has passed away. The purpose of the changes is to avoid unintended restrictions on interest deductions in these situations.

  • Additional credit regulation: it means that if one partner has a home equity reserve, he or she may use the partner’s home acquisition debt space.

Working from home allowance

Working from home has become normal. For employees, some extra costs are involved (such as gas, water, electricity, food, and drinks). As of 2022, your employer may give you a tax-free ‘working from home’ allowance of a maximum of € 2 per day.

Taxation moment stock options

Instead of a salary, employers can offer stock options. Tax must be paid on this because it is a type of wage. Currently, tax is levied when they are converted into shares. The problem is that the shares are not always allowed to be sold at this point. This means that the tax is often too high to pay. From 2022, employees can choose when tax is levied. In principle, this is when the shares are tradable. Do you not have enough savings to pay the tax rate? Then, you have the option to sell the shares.

Reduction income-dependent combination tax credit

From 2022, the income-dependent combination tax credit will be reduced. The reason for this modification is to compensate for the extension of parental leave (as of August 2022). The maximum IACK is reduced by € 318.

No goodbye to the ‘jubelton’

The jubelton is a tax-free gift (of more than € 100,000) intended for buying a house. We expected action against the tax-free gift since there are more disadvantages than advantages. Next to increasing the wealth inequality, the jubelton pushes the house prices even higher.

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