The tax season is coming!

The tax season is coming! The Dutch fiscal year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. From March onwards you can file your annual tax return. The tax return has to be filed before the 1st of May. You can already start collecting the necessary documents:

  • Annual income statement

  • Financial overview of payments, investments and savings accounts

  • Information about your owner-occupied home

    • Annual overview of your mortgage
    • WOZ-value 2019
    • Notary settlement (if you bought or sold a house)
  • Deductible costs

    Here, you can think of study costs, health costs, or costs incurred with regard to your house.

  • Information about other loans and debt

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Have you received a tax return letter from the Tax Authorities stating that you must file a tax return for 2020? Then, you are obliged to file your tax return between 1 March and 1 May (unless you request a postponement).

Didn’t receive a tax return letter?

Did you not receive a request to file your tax return? Still, it is wise to check the pre-filled tax return on mijnbelastingdienst. The Belastingdienst does not always have all the required information, think of your deductibles. Did you face deductible costs? You can add these to the tax return.

Does it appear that you will be refunded € 16 or more? Then, it is useful to file the tax return. Amounts under € 16 are not refunded by the tax authorities.

We are happy to help you with your tax return!

In some cases, it is wise to hand over your tax return. Check here under which circumstances this is the case. The TaxSavers is happy to help you with filing a correct tax return. Please contact us for a free introduction using our details mentioned below!

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