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We understand you’d rather not think about it, but what will happen to your assets when you are no longer here? Most likely, this will go to your inheritors, who will have to pay a considerable amount of inheritance tax. This makes it fiscally advantageous to make a tax-free donation while you’re still here.

This way, you already divide your assets partly so you will leave fewer assets behind. The logical consequence of this is that less tax has to be paid.

Gift tax exemptions

The amount of a tax-free donation depends entirely on the relationship you have with the recipient. In the following table, you can see what the exemptions are.

retired couple doing their taxes
Child Annually € 5,515
Child (18-45) Once € 26,457 (in case of expensive study once € 55,114)
Children aged 18 to 40 or other recipients < 40 years Once € 103,643 intended for own house
Other recipients Annually € 2,208

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