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If you have a tax partner, you may apportion particular income and deductible items among yourself. But how do you know what’s the most optimal allocation? Read on and you will find out.

When you file your online tax return together with your tax partner, there is a “divide” page at the end of the tax return (in Dutch: verdelen). Here, you can choose the most optimal allocation between you and your tax partner. What the optimal allocation is in your situation depends on your personal circumstances. You should try several allocations to see what has the best outcome. In this article, we mention four tips that you can use for allocation.

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1. Adjusting the allocation is possible until 6 weeks after the date of the official assessment.

Did you know you can still adjust the optimal allocation of income and deductible items between you and your tax partner after submitting the tax return to the tax authorities?

2. Make use of the minimum threshold.

It’s beneficial to divide the income & deductibles in such a way that one of you has a tax return just below 46 euros. This saves you some money since you only have to pay a tax return of 46 euros and higher.

3. Is the income of one you taxed in tax bracket 2? Make use of this!

Does one of you earn more than €68.508? Shift the deductibles to the one who is taxed according to tax bracket 2. This increases the benefit of the deductibles since the tax tariff is higher over there. Take into account that, due to the deductibles, the income should not decline to tax bracket 1. If this is the case, shift some of the deductibles to the other partner.

4. Does your house result in additional tax liability instead of a deductible?

In this case, it is beneficial to shift the house to the one that is taxed according to the lowest tax tariff, so the one whose income falls in tax bracket 1.

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