Tax season is now over and a strikingly large number of Dutch people have missed the deadline for filing their tax returns. Nearly 200,000 people have failed to file their tax return on time or have not requested a postponement. In fact, this number has doubled from last year. Read on to find out what happens when you don’t file your tax return on time and how to discuss possible solutions with the Tax Authorities.

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The large number of absentee tax filers: What’s going on?

This past tax season revealed a remarkable trend: nearly 200,000 Dutch people failed to file their tax returns, despite the invitation they received. This figure is a striking doubling from the previous year. Since May, the Tax Administration has pulled out all the stops to get in touch with this group of defaulters, with the goal of getting them to still file their tax returns.

Reminders and Consequences: A final warning

In an effort to reach everyone, the Internal Revenue Service first sent out friendly reminders. However, for those who did not pick up the message, a more serious tone followed in the form of a letter of formal notice. These letters emphasize that the deadline for filing the 2022 income tax return is September 1, 2023.

What If You Don’t Indent: Consequences and Costs

Not filing your tax return will not cause you to avoid paying income tax. If you don’t file a return by September 1st, the Tax Authorities will estimate your taxable income for 2022 and issue an assessment based on that estimate. But that’s not all; tax interest is also around the corner, along with a default penalty of at least €385. This penalty can even increase if you previously failed to file a tax return or were repeatedly late.

How can you fix this?

The cause for failing to file your tax return varies from individual to individual, but there are always ways to discuss solutions with the Tax Authorities, such as applying for a deferral of payment or requesting a payment plan.

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