The tax season is coming!

Tax returns can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. From March 1, you can file a tax return and see whether you may receive a refund or have to pay extra. We are therefore happy to help you on your way with some useful tips.

Do you know these 4 new 2024 tax rules already?

The tax system changes every year! And as you’ve probably heard, there are going to be some tax changes for 2024 as well. Some rates are going down, others are going up. Rates are changing in all three boxes, but the biggest change is in Box 2.

Prince’s Day 2023 | Budget Day 2023

Prinsjesdag 2023 – which happens on the third Tuesday of September – has already occurred. On this day in 2023, Minister Kaag of Finance presented the Dutch House of Representatives with the Budget Memorandum and State Budget for 2024.

Tax return 2022: deadline 1st of September 2023

Tax season is now over and a strikingly large number of Dutch people have missed the deadline for filing their tax returns. Nearly 200,000 people have failed to file their tax return on time or have not requested a postponement.

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M-Form 2022 Deadline

Don’t forget! The deadline for submitting your M-Form tax filing is approaching, set for July 1st.

Binnenhof The Hague

Spring Memorandum 2023

Get informed about the changes to the box 3 system in the Netherlands with our latest article. The Spring Memorandum 2023 outlines the proposed changes.

TaxSavers: Dutch taxes explained and organized

Dutch transfer tax goes up in 2023

Dutch transfer tax goes up in 2023. The general rate will increase from 8% to 10.4% as of 2023. The reduced rate will remain at 2% and the starter exemption will be increased.

Annual income tax return

Box 3 restoration of rights and bridging legislation

Box 3 is going to change. The restoration of rights and the temporary design of box 3 will be initiated based on the fixed savings variant.