Foreign client

How to deal with VAT for a foreign client?

When working with a foreign client the VAT rules could be completely different than you are used to. Each country has different VAT rates. In the Netherlands, VAT works differently when you work with foreign clients as well.

Do you qualify as an entrepreneur for income taxes?

Owning a business doesn’t automatically mean you are an entrepreneur for income tax purposes. Do the tax authorities see you as an entrepreneur or not? There are different criteria for this!

7 end of year tax tips for 2023

At the end of the year, the to-do lists are overflowing. Buying presents for St. Nicholas or Christmas, coming up with good New Year’s resolutions and, of course, the preparations for a new tax year. Take a moment to run through these end-of-year tips and before you know it, you can cross that task off your list!

Prince’s Day 2023 | Budget Day 2023

Prinsjesdag 2023 – which happens on the third Tuesday of September – has already occurred. On this day in 2023, Minister Kaag of Finance presented the Dutch House of Representatives with the Budget Memorandum and State Budget for 2024.

Tax return 2022: deadline 1st of September 2023

Tax season is now over and a strikingly large number of Dutch people have missed the deadline for filing their tax returns. Nearly 200,000 people have failed to file their tax return on time or have not requested a postponement.

VAT return second quarter 2023

VAT Return: 2nd Quarter 2023 – Essential Considerations for Smooth Filing

Are you required to file VAT returns on a quarterly basis? Time is running out to submit your VAT return for the second quarter of 2023.

dutch tax system

M-Form 2022 Deadline

Don’t forget! The deadline for submitting your M-Form tax filing is approaching, set for July 1st.

Binnenhof The Hague

Spring Memorandum 2023

Get informed about the changes to the box 3 system in the Netherlands with our latest article. The Spring Memorandum 2023 outlines the proposed changes.

Deductions in 2022? Check allowances!

Did you make deductions in 2022? Check your final income after the Dutch tax return! You may still be entitled to certain allowances.

tax filing extension

Dutch tax return filing extension (2022 – 2023)

Apply for a tax return filing extension if you can’t make the deadline for the Dutch income tax return 2022. We can also do this on your behalf, let us know!