Wealth tax, how does it work?

You pay income tax not only on your income, but also on your assets. But what exactly does assets mean and how is tax calculated on it? Whether it is the things you own, shares, savings or everything together, we will explain it briefly and powerfully.

Tax Tips for Freelancers

Navigating taxes can be daunting for freelancers, especially starters. Take control of your returns, bookkeeping, and retirement savings. Simplified with our tips and tricks!

Remote working and it’s tax benefits

Explore the tax implications of the growing trend of remote work since the pandemic. In addition to the obvious benefits of comfort, we take a look at potential tax advantages and discuss the consequences for both remote workers and their employers.

VAT return tips and tricks for the fourth quarter

The VAT return for the fourth quarter must be submitted again. It is the last declaration of 2023, marking the closure of the VAT year. Since this is the final declaration of the year, it follows a slightly different process than the previous three filings. We provide some tips to ensure that you can complete the VAT return without any worries!

Do you know what a family mortgage is?

Have you ever heard of a family mortgage? Buying a house is an exciting process, and in the current real estate market, you might even have to bid over the asking price to secure your dream home. Read this article for more information!

Do you know these 4 new 2024 tax rules already?

The tax system changes every year! And as you’ve probably heard, there are going to be some tax changes for 2024 as well. Some rates are going down, others are going up. Rates are changing in all three boxes, but the biggest change is in Box 2.

What is ‘income averaging’ and how does it work?

Has your annual income gone up and down quite a bit over the past three years? Oh, then surely you know the term income averaging. No? In that case, read on quickly, because income averaging could get you a tax refund!

Foreign client

How to deal with VAT for a foreign client?

When working with a foreign client the VAT rules could be completely different than you are used to. Each country has different VAT rates. In the Netherlands, VAT works differently when you work with foreign clients as well.

Do you qualify as an entrepreneur for income taxes?

Owning a business doesn’t automatically mean you are an entrepreneur for income tax purposes. Do the tax authorities see you as an entrepreneur or not? There are different criteria for this!

7 end of year tax tips for 2023

At the end of the year, the to-do lists are overflowing. Buying presents for St. Nicholas or Christmas, coming up with good New Year’s resolutions and, of course, the preparations for a new tax year. Take a moment to run through these end-of-year tips and before you know it, you can cross that task off your list!