a1 certificate

A1 certificate: temporarily working abroad

Are you going to work abroad temporarily? Sometimes, you need an A1 certificate. Such a statement proves that you remain insured for social security in your home country.

Girl on company bike

Company bike in the Netherlands

Company bike as a fringe benefit in the Netherlands. The addition (7% per year) is added to the employee’s salary. For the employer, the VAT on the bicycle is deductible up to € 130.

Binnenhof The Hague

30% ruling | Dutch government introduces salary cap

The Dutch government plans to put a salary cap on the 30% ruling of €216,000 per year. The Spring Statement 2022 provides an overview of the current budget year and a preview of the plans for 2023.

personal deduction

Remaining personal deduction in the Netherlands

Did you have a lot of personal deductible items, so that you could not fully settle these against your income? Then you have an amount left over. We call this a remaining personal allowance.

deductible diet costs

Tax deductible diet costs in the Netherlands

Sometimes you may deduct an amount from your income with a prescription diet (if it is on the diet list). For example, a gluten-free diet. In this case, you may deduct €950 from your taxable income.

183-day rule | Working outside the Netherlands

Do you partly work outside the Netherlands? Check whether the 183-day rule applies. This determines whether the country of employment or residence may levy tax on the income.

Tax changes 2020

The 30% ruling expires: fiscal consequences

When the 30% ruling expires, you no longer have a tax-free allowance, and you have to declare your worldwide income. View what changes in the tax return here.

Extension deadline Dutch tax return

Can’t make the deadline of your Dutch tax return, 2021? Don’t worry, we can extend your tax return deadline by one year via a special arrangement for tax advisors.

Taxation of US pension in the Netherlands

Taxation of US pension in the Netherlands. Avoid double taxation. There are different types of pensions in the United States. Here, you can read whether the pension is taxed in the US or the Netherlands.

Ruling box 3 tax Dutch Supreme Court

The Dutch Supreme Court ruled on the objection procedure against box 3 tax. According to the ruling, only the actual return may be taxed. What will happen to the box 3 tax?