Wealth tax 2022 Netherlands

Dutch wealth tax 2022 unfair for investors

Wealth tax 2022 (box 3) in the Netherlands unfair for investors with low returns. Do you disagree with the final tax assessment? Then submit a notice of objection to the Dutch tax authorities.

Dutch transfer tax goes up in 2023

Dutch transfer tax goes up in 2023. The general rate will increase from 8% to 10.4% as of 2023. The reduced rate will remain at 2% and the starter exemption will be increased.

Alex Moeskops about the rising mortgage rate and mortgage interest deduction

Mortgage rate & tax deduction

You will probably have noticed the rising mortgage rate in the Netherlands. A small relief is the mortgage interest deduction, a tax benefit for homeowners.

hour criterion self employed

Dutch hours criterion for self-employed in 2022

In this series, we give you a number of fiscal end-of-year tips. This blog is about the hours criterion for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

tax on royalties

Dutch tax on royalties

Royalties are payments you receive because somebody is using your work. You pay income tax and VAT on this. Read more about Dutch tax on royalties.

Predictions for Budget Day 2022

The 2023 tax plan will be announced on Budget Day. We will tell the predictions for Budget Day 2022 from a tax point of view.

Receiving a gift from abroad

Do you receive a gift from abroad? You do not always have to file a gift tax return. This has to do with the nationality of the donor and the relationship he or she has with the Netherlands.

deferral of payment

Final tax assessment box 3 on its way

The Dutch tax authorities will send the final tax assessment box 3 for 2021 from August 2022 based on the flat-rate savings option if this is more beneficial.

pension scheme for football players

Dutch pension scheme for football players

Due to a Dutch pension scheme for football players and the 30% ruling, the Netherlands is an attractive country for professional football players.

doing taxes with a cup of coffee

Dividend vs. salary from a Dutch BV

Which is more advantageous: dividend or salary as director of a Dutch BV/NV? If you have a high salary, paying dividends is most likely more beneficial.