Apply for an averaging request to reclaim taxes!

Tax tip 1

Did your income go through many changes? One simple form (averaging request) can deliver you hundreds of euros! Or well, deliver… If your income varies widely in three consecutive years, you probably paid more income tax than you would have done if your income was spread equally among those years. With the help of this averaging request, you can still get this amount of tax back.

How does it work?

Not everyone is familiar with averaging income. But, this does not mean it can’t be interesting to you! You will probably get a tax return due to the averaging request if you, for example, started to work less/more or took unpaid leave.

  1. Add your box 1 taxable income of the three uninterrupted years;
  2. Divide this amount by 3. This is your new (average) taxable income for those years;
  3. The Belastingdienst calculates how much tax you would have paid based on the amount determined at point 2.

Be aware: there are conditions attached to it!

For example, you may only average your income for three consecutive years. Furthermore, there should not be any overlap with another averaging period. In addition, the difference of the tax amounts must be higher than € 545 for a refund.

We dedicated a page to the topic of averaging income. For more information, click here!

Not sure if it is beneficial to you?

Sometimes, it is hard to determine which period is the most profitable to apply for an averaging request.

Is this the case in your situation? Then, you should calculate the different periods and look at which one gives you the best outcome. The Belastingdienst made a useful roadmap of how you can do this best.

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