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Almost everyone knows that certain expenses are deductible from your taxable income. But do you know which one? What are the requirements? It is advisable that you pay attention to the different deductibles to take full advantage of the deductibles!

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If are studying for a (future) profession, you are allowed to deduct certain costs from your taxable income. However, you should meet certain requirements. For example, when you are still entitled to student grants, you are not entitled to this deductible.

Do you have your own house? Buying a house has an impact on your annual tax return. From now on, you are allowed to deduct, for example, the mortgage interest. In addition, the financing costs are deductible.

Did you incur health costs? In some cases, they are deductible. However, health costs should meet certain requirements. The amount of health costs you are allowed to deduct depends on your income. It is advisable to check the list of deductible health costs.

Do you donate money or goods to a charity or institution from time to time? This might be deductible from your taxable income. It depends on the kind of organization (ANBI/association/SBBI) you donate to and the donation method (ordinary or periodic donations).

Are you accumulating too little pension? In this case, saving for your retirement through so-called annuities is beneficial. You can build up annuity by saving an annuity account or by taking out annuity insurance.

Are you paying partner alimony to your former partner? Then, you are allowed to deduct this fee. Besides partner alimony, other maintenance obligations are deductible as well. If you receive alimony, you can deduct certain costs as well. Think of costs you face when arranging the partner alimony.


Each deductible has its own requirements. Click on the deductible and find out the different requirements.

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