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Binnenhof The Hague

Spring Memorandum 2023

Get informed about the changes to the box 3 system in the Netherlands with our latest article. The Spring Memorandum 2023 outlines the proposed changes.

rectify dutch taxes

Final tax assessment box 3 on its way

The Dutch tax authorities will send the final tax assessment box 3 for 2021 from August 2022 based on the flat-rate savings option if this is more beneficial.

Capital gains taxation Netherlands 2025

Box 3: No capital gains tax before 2025

No capital gains tax before 2025. New box 3 taxation based on capital gains is planned for 2025. However, there is a big chance that this deadline will not be met.

Annual income tax return

Box 3 restoration of rights and bridging legislation

Box 3 is going to change. The restoration of rights and the temporary design of box 3 will be initiated based on the fixed savings variant.

Ruling box 3 tax Dutch Supreme Court

The Dutch Supreme Court ruled on the objection procedure against box 3 tax. According to the ruling, only the actual return may be taxed. What will happen to the box 3 tax?