What is your tax residency?

Your tax residency determines where you are taxed. However, this can lead to conflicts. Read more about your tax residency and preventing double taxation in this article.

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Tax plans of Budget Day 2021

Budget Day 2021. In this article, you can read the most important fiscal changes for the year 2022. Here, we list the announced tax plans for 2022.

Budget Day 2021: the expectations

Budget Day 2021 is coming again. In this article, you will find the predictions for Budget Day 2021, and you can read more about the tax changes for the year 2022.


Self-employed (zzp) vs. employed

Are you doubting to quit your job and start as a freelancer? View the pros and cons here. We help both individuals and self-employed people, feel free to contact us!

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Extended the tax return deadline? File your taxes now!

Did you extend your tax return deadline? Then, file your tax return before 1 September! We are happy to help you submit a correct tax return. Read more about it here.

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What to do with surplus value?

Surplus value arises when the value of your house is higher than the remaining mortgage. Tax-wise, you should pay attention when spending this amount. In this article, we explain why.

Non-working spouse benefit

How people look at the non-working spouse benefit (also known as the general tax credit) has changed over time. In this article, you can read why and how you can still claim the non-working spouse benefit.

small business scheme

The Small Business Scheme explained

The small business scheme (in Dutch: KOR) is an exemption from VAT, where you can qualify for if your turnover does not exceed € 20,000. Check whether the KOR is beneficial in your situation.

Dutch tax on your holiday home

Holidays in our own country are becoming increasingly popular, so a holiday home in the Netherlands can be valuable. You pay tax on the holiday home: income tax, transfer tax, and property tax (OZB). Read this article for more.

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Avoid double taxation!

You should avoid double taxation! You only have to pay tax on your income and assets once. So what about your income from abroad? We will explain that in this article.